Survive Teddy's PizzariaEdit

Survive Teddy's Pizzeria is a horror game. It has a lot of characters, and I'm not sure how many nights it has, yet, because my current high score is night 1 5:00 am. 

Teddy's PizzariaEdit

Teddy's Pizzaria is a place with 3 rooms you can look at through the security cameras. I suggest only looking at the cameras when both doors are closed. You start with 400% power, and close the doors before the animatronics can get in. You have to wait for them to disappear before opening the doors again, or they'll jumpscare you. At random, on the version I have (Survive Teddy's Pizzaria kindle fire edition,) if you close the left door after one of the animatronics appear on the right side, they will go away.

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Screenshot 2017-05-22-10-49-00

Teddy jumpscare screenshot

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